Website Design

A website is no longer optional for a business to thrive, in this age websites are necessary and that is why so many website design companies exist all around the world offering competitive pricing. However, having a website is more than just a checkbox your business needs to tick, it is a digital representation of your company and needs to be placed in the hands of professionals. Take a Casio and a Rolex watch, they both perform the same goal of telling time, but their symbol and craftsmanship portray two different personas.

Responsive Design and Flexibility

It’s not a surprising fact that there is a growing usage of mobile web surfing, and with many types of devices with various screen sizes and resolutions, websites need to have a responsive design that adjusts for any screen size on any mobile, tablet, or desktop device. All our website designs are responsive and are optimized to work across all devices. We also understand that websites are a continuous process and need to continuously grow and adapt, that is why we develop our websites so that they are flexible and new features can be added instantly.

User Interface and SEO

There are many underlying elements that need to be considered, configured, and customized to ensure your viewers have the best user experience on a friendly and creative user interface. We pay attention to the small details without ever forgetting about the bigger picture. From element designs to Search Engine Optimization, we ensure the best possible user experience in all our website design services.

Speedy Delivery & Competitive Pricing

At Ignite, we take pride in delivering websites quickly at competitive prices without compromising the high quality of our designs. Our website designs might take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks depending on your needs and the scale of the project.


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